When the words “Paris Hilton” and “videos” are put together, one thing springs immediately to mind for almost everyone. And that would be Paris Hilton’s sex video, of course! Whether you caught it online before it was taken down, or you bought the “1 Night in Paris” DVD, Paris Hilton and night vision green are now forever linked in your mind.

But Paris does have a career outside of your computer monitor. In 2001, she had a cameo as herself in Ben Stiller’s send-up of people like her, the wake-me-up-before-you-gogo-tastic “Zoolander”. That must have inspired her to try out a career in acting, because the title character was almost as stupid as she is, yet still manages to save the day. So she next appeared in a low-budget horror film which quickly went nowhere in 2002, called “Nine Lives”.

With her star turn in the sex video in 2003, as well as the ratings the first season of her “The Simple Life” reality show with Nicole Richie got that same year, she was a bonafide celebrity superstar. So she was able to wrangle more appearances in movies like “Wonderland” and “The Cat in the Hat”. The next year she was in “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!” which did so-so business at the box office.

That was also the year she tried to have a more substantial role in a film again by doing “The Hillz”, which centered on the main character’s feeble attempts to obtain Hilton as his girlfriend. Obviously Hilton thought that it was so close to her real life and her status with male fans and she’d have an easy time doing it. Her talent didn’t stop “The Hillz” from ranking No. 11 on the IMDB website’s Worst 100 list. Another cameo in a real studio film was obviously the antidote for something like that, and Paris was somewhere in “Raising Helen” later that year.

And then came 2005 and a real role in a real movie with some pedigree, nevermind that it was from a classic horror movie starring Vincent Price. Paris was cast with other hot, young Hollywood things in “House of Wax” and the movie did well at the box office, especially with the target demographic. Paris even won a Teen Choice Awards “Choice Movie Scream Scene” trophy for her role in that popcorn flick, although the Razzies also gave her a “Worst Supporting Actress” prize for it.

The straight-to-DVD “Bottoms Up” in 2006 continued Paris’ quest for movie stardom, as did “National Lampoon’s Pledge This!”, which Paris even produced herself. Maybe she should just do another sex video and film a story around it like old-skool pornographers used to do it. That looks like the only way she’ll make it back to the lofty Hollywood heights she scaled with “House of Wax” after all her arrests and scandals these past few years.

Even Lindsay Lohan, who has some real talent is having a hard time making a good film these days, what more a celebutante who’s famous just for being famous? Oh yeah, and because of that sex tape too!