Russian Hotel Bans Paris Hilton

Vladimir Putin has been known to vex the powers-that-be in the West by not knuckling down under any pressure to do what they want. It looks like a very Russian trait, because a hotel in Moscow has reportedly banned jet-setting socialite and symbol of everything wrong with Western civilization Paris Hilton from setting foot in their hotel again.

Ironic for the heiress of a fortune built on a hotel empire, but not surprising for party gal Paris, whose offense was signing ‘Paris Moscow 2008’ using a black marker pen on the expensive wallpaper of her $16,000-a-night luxury suite. She was fined $9,000 and placed on the hotel’s blacklist, which is automatic for those kinds of offenders.

Hilton was in Moscow to host the Russian MTV awards and wrote on the wall for a photo shoot in her room, but officials of the hotel were unimpressed. Now that’s old-world culture for you! If they can kill off their Tsar in a revolution, then banning American “royalty” like our favourite celebutante is like brushing off a fly.

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