Paris Parties In The Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival concluded recently, and the Hilton sisters partied with other celebrities at the exclusive Coachella after-party. Carmen Electra was there, showing off her black diamond engagement ring and her fiancé Rob Peterson, in that order, to the other partygoers, while Paris and Nicky frolicked with their respective boyfriends.

Paris and current boytoy Benji Madden greeted celebrity DJ Steve Aoki with hugs at the makeshift nightclub, which was actually an airport hangar exclusively transformed for the event. Paris and Benji were quite a coosome twosome during the vent, snapping pictures of each other and their other celebrity friends, and watching other partygoers karaoke away with “SingStar” at the Playstation 3 lounge.

Paris also went slumming when it came to cuisine, scarfing down nachos and hotdogs from food trucks parked in side the hangar for the event. Meanwhile, her sister Nicky held court with companion David Katzenberg in a corner booth at the invite-only T-Mobile Tone Def After Party.

Aside from Aoki, other DJs at the event were Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, and Danny “DJ MomJeans” Masterson, better known as Hyde on “That 70s Show”.

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