Paris And Ashton Kutcher Fool The Press

Paris was spotted recently walking the streets with a bearded man in tow, telling the press that he was her guru and that he had changed her life. It turns out that that ‘guru’ was a character actor who has had parts in TV shows and films like “My Name Is Earl” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, it was later found out. Some of the press went wild with that story, but as it turns out, they were the story instead.

The event was a staged prank from Ashton Kutcher, who has a new show coming out called “Pop Fiction” which aims to fool the media by concocting fake celebrity sightings and stories like Paris and her guru, and then unleashing their creations on the unsuspecting paparazzi. Well, now that Ashton’s plan is out in the open, it’ll have to bee seen how effective it can be from now on.

But his episode with Paris was right on target, with the orange-robed, grey-haired shaman who was with her proceeding to bless her and then encourage her to donate a diamond necklace to a stranger, to the delight of the media people present.

The man who played the guru is Maxie Santillan, and Hilton is slated to guest-star in a show he was in, playing a vision Jason Lee has on “My Name Is Earl”, where Santillan has appeared three times before.

“Pop Fiction” has been hit by some quarters as being a plagiarism of a concept the Anna Nicole Smith pitched three years ago, also the E! network, which is airing Ashton’s show. Howard K. Stern even reportedly pitched the concept again a few months ago, with Larry Birkhead as the host and first prankster. Considering gossip about how they are gay lovers who allegedly used Anna Nicole, I think I prefer Ashton’s version, thank you.

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