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Paris Hilton is famous for being famous. She worked her way up the Hollywood ladder when she began her career as a reality show starlet in The Simple Life with her then BFF, Nicole Richie. There is definitely something about Paris Hilton that makes her tick and it’s not just her slender, gorgeous figure and that pretty face… but it’s her big craving for sizzling hard sex that men all over the world would die just to taste Paris in bed and have them stuff their cocks inside her hungry love holes! A picture is worth a thousand words, and Paris’ porn pictures are worth gallons of cum spewing out from your cock when you get to see these raunchy Paris Hilton hardcore pictures.

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Paris Hilton Blowjob Pictures

So what’s Paris Hilton been up to lately? Oh you know the usual, getting drunk and partying with some guy before getting laid afterwards.  That seems to be the way Paris Hilton’s life is structured, and I guess that’s why we have a surplus of pornographic Paris Hilton pics to show everyone, and that includes these Paris Hilton Blowjob Pictures.

She’s sucking a big one in the first photo, but I don’t think her mouth is big enough to take two cocks at once.  Oh wait.  I was wrong!  Here we have a pic of Paris Hilton sucking off two dicks at once!  Man, that is all kinds of wrong.  I wonder what those two guys must feel, not because they’re having their cocks sucked by the whore of the universe, but because they’ve got their shafts stuck so close together that it’s, well… gay!  Some really awkward cocksucking going on there.

And then we have two hot pics of the aftermath of those blowjobs, which show our blonde heiress covered in thick, hot spunk!  Paris is literally dripping with cum in the first photo as she and an unnamed female companion enjoy the feeling of being jizzed on.  Which is the pic we have next, which has Paris’ pretty face getting a cumshot fresh from the source!  Hot sperm for our hot whore, and you can see it all when you click here, because they’ve got all the Paris Hilton Blowjob Pics you need to cum and cum again!


Paris Hilton Porn Pictures

Here we have another Hollywood wild child synonymous for her dumb blonde persona and her controversial sex video that has been circulating for quite some time now over the Internet, we are talking about the heiress to the Hilton chain of hotels /actress/singer, Paris Hilton. Paris may be one of the richest Hollywood personalities with her pretty looks and fashion sense, but this blonde chick is as hot as hell when it comes to sex most especially with sucking cocks and getting her love holes stuffed! Need we say anything more? Anyhow, she seems to know how to work her way out from all the scandals and controversies that came her way most especially during her short stint inside the slammers after she was apprehended for D.U.I. and driving without a license and all of us thought that we will never see the likes of her ever again… Not! And now she’s back in the spotlight as the same old self we have grown to love and hate at the same time! And as a little tribute to Paris, we got ourselves some of the nastiest porn pictures we have gathered and we are bringing it to you fresh and piping hot only at Paris Hilton Porn Pictures.

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Paris Parties In The Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival concluded recently, and the Hilton sisters partied with other celebrities at the exclusive Coachella after-party. Carmen Electra was there, showing off her black diamond engagement ring and her fiancé Rob Peterson, in that order, to the other partygoers, while Paris and Nicky frolicked with their respective boyfriends.

Paris and current boytoy Benji Madden greeted celebrity DJ Steve Aoki with hugs at the makeshift nightclub, which was actually an airport hangar exclusively transformed for the event. Paris and Benji were quite a coosome twosome during the vent, snapping pictures of each other and their other celebrity friends, and watching other partygoers karaoke away with “SingStar” at the Playstation 3 lounge.

Paris also went slumming when it came to cuisine, scarfing down nachos and hotdogs from food trucks parked in side the hangar for the event. Meanwhile, her sister Nicky held court with companion David Katzenberg in a corner booth at the invite-only T-Mobile Tone Def After Party.

Aside from Aoki, other DJs at the event were Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, and Danny “DJ MomJeans” Masterson, better known as Hyde on “That 70s Show”.


More Than 85,000 Want To Be Friends With Paris

Or more exactly, they want to be Paris’ new best friend forever! That’s the roughly the number of people who’ve signed up at the website for Paris’ new reality show. The creatively-titled “Paris Hilton’s New BFF” is an upcoming MTV reality series Paris is producing herself, and the casting is being done online, through the site.

ParisBFF.com has already received more than six million page views, and out of that, almost a hundred thousand have left their profiles and videos for a shot at getting cast for the show. Visitors to the site can also vote for their favourites, aside from leaving their own entries, and the top vote-getters will be added to the cast.

Being a producer of the show, Paris herself is among those checking out the posts daily. She recently told the Associated Press that what appeals to her when looking through the videos are “Just people who are fun, people who I know are going to be great on TV, people who have fun personalities, they’re not shy, the people who tell their deepest secrets, people who are open to being honest and having a great time. That’s what my show’s about.”

So, do you think you have what it takes to hang out with Paris, Benji, Nicole, Lindsay and the rest of the notorious gang? I say we vote for the most stalkerish candidate on the site for some real fun! Vote For The Worst: Paris’ BFF edition, anyone?


Russian Hotel Bans Paris Hilton

Vladimir Putin has been known to vex the powers-that-be in the West by not knuckling down under any pressure to do what they want. It looks like a very Russian trait, because a hotel in Moscow has reportedly banned jet-setting socialite and symbol of everything wrong with Western civilization Paris Hilton from setting foot in their hotel again.

Ironic for the heiress of a fortune built on a hotel empire, but not surprising for party gal Paris, whose offense was signing ‘Paris Moscow 2008’ using a black marker pen on the expensive wallpaper of her $16,000-a-night luxury suite. She was fined $9,000 and placed on the hotel’s blacklist, which is automatic for those kinds of offenders.

Hilton was in Moscow to host the Russian MTV awards and wrote on the wall for a photo shoot in her room, but officials of the hotel were unimpressed. Now that’s old-world culture for you! If they can kill off their Tsar in a revolution, then banning American “royalty” like our favourite celebutante is like brushing off a fly.


Kim Kardashian Vs. Paris Hilton

Maybe she was afraid of being crushed by a ton of Armenian fury, but Paris Hilton trashed Kim Kardashian’s bodacious booty on a Las Vegas radio show last April 14, and then quickly took it back a day later.

Paris reportedly said on air “I would not want [Kim's butt] – it’s gross!” It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Then in her exclusive interview with In Touch, she apologized and said “I was just joking around and I made a stupid joke. I felt really bad afterward, so I contacted Kim and apologized. It was a silly thing to say. Kim’s hot!”

Kim accepted the apology, or did she? She told the magazine Paris and I have been friends since we were kids and I’m glad she made the effort to say she’s sorry,” but then later tried to shaft Paris on a promotional deal.

Kim was in Mexico at that time with boyfriend Reggie Bush and managed to acquire Ed Hardy gear for everyone in her entourage. She tipped of the paparazzi that she’d be wearing Ed Hardy clothes as part of the deal, but tried to get the Ed Hardy people not to give any more clothes to Paris in exchange.

Well, all Paris needs is one piece in Kim’s size and she could have it made into a whole week’s worth of wardrobe, so how could Ed Hardy turn down a deal like that? Imagine how much cloth they’d save!


Paris And Ashton Kutcher Fool The Press

Paris was spotted recently walking the streets with a bearded man in tow, telling the press that he was her guru and that he had changed her life. It turns out that that ‘guru’ was a character actor who has had parts in TV shows and films like “My Name Is Earl” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, it was later found out. Some of the press went wild with that story, but as it turns out, they were the story instead.

The event was a staged prank from Ashton Kutcher, who has a new show coming out called “Pop Fiction” which aims to fool the media by concocting fake celebrity sightings and stories like Paris and her guru, and then unleashing their creations on the unsuspecting paparazzi. Well, now that Ashton’s plan is out in the open, it’ll have to bee seen how effective it can be from now on.

But his episode with Paris was right on target, with the orange-robed, grey-haired shaman who was with her proceeding to bless her and then encourage her to donate a diamond necklace to a stranger, to the delight of the media people present.

The man who played the guru is Maxie Santillan, and Hilton is slated to guest-star in a show he was in, playing a vision Jason Lee has on “My Name Is Earl”, where Santillan has appeared three times before.

“Pop Fiction” has been hit by some quarters as being a plagiarism of a concept the Anna Nicole Smith pitched three years ago, also the E! network, which is airing Ashton’s show. Howard K. Stern even reportedly pitched the concept again a few months ago, with Larry Birkhead as the host and first prankster. Considering gossip about how they are gay lovers who allegedly used Anna Nicole, I think I prefer Ashton’s version, thank you.